Tingle tanning lotion – what’s true what’s just hype?

Indoor tanning lotions – bronzers, DHA, indoor, outdoor, sunscreens, sunless tanners, booths, UV – rays – harms…blah blah…. Each summer we become just crazy listening and reading things about these items. Why people love to be tanned – why are they running mad – why tanning lotions are getting a huge value of respect all over the world – point to ponder!

We get 100s of emails and letter each year – a kind of complaints and praise mixture – well first thing which come to mind – you buy the product – and don’t know how to deal with – that’s must not be the case for sure!

tingle tanning

Well – in last few years we get much amused about the questions about tingle tanning lotion – a lotion and pain in fact – but the lotion has maximum tanning effects and best as compared to others – I found many mails just dealing with the tingle tanning lotion – people want a proper knowledge about the tingle tanning lotion I guess – but might be due to shortage of time and busy routine – they even don’t get time to have even some basic knowledge and information about the tanning products – but they use these items madly – no doubt!

We are here to give you knowledge about tingle tanning lotion – what is it actually? Why it causes pain and rashes and all that!

What is tingle lotion – why so name tingle?

Tingle tanning lotions – the most popular and efficient lotion worldwide – these lotions have become very famous all over the world.

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How tingle lotion works?

The tanning lotion works by increasing micro circulation in your body – and give deep oxygenation therapy – these lotions are advanced form of tanning lotion and give you deep tan tone. If you are a beginner – you must not try this –similarly if you are among those who has sensitive skin – never use these tanning lotions.

As compared to other tanning lotions – these lotions have more long lasting and deep tan effect.

Does cost matter – really?

The answer to this question – like – does cost matter while buying a tingle lotion – the answer is yeah and usually it becomes important to serve several dollars to get a best product.

Generally speaking – the tanning lotion which would have excellent ingredient and gives deep tanning effect – would charge a lot. On the other hand a cheap tanning lotion would have cheap ingredients. So, sometimes it really becomes important to consider cost a major factor.

Why pain? Why rashes?

The most important question – why this rash? Why so much pain? After application of the tingle tanning lotion – you will feel a tingling sensation – like worms running inside your skin – you feel like – you are free from blood and there is something else like some burning acid running inside your vessels – really sometimes it becomes irritating – but we have some remedy here for you.

  • Wash your area of application gently and deeply.
  • Don’t scratch your skin or hurt your body.
  • Use moisturizer before applying the tingle tanning lotion.
  • Apply the tingle lotion in a single layer.
  • Don’t be in hurry – do this task attentively and calmly.
  • Always use gloves and standard applicator.
  • Use after tanning lotion for better hydration of your skin.
  • If you get burning sensation – for 3-4 days – use sodium bicarbonate or baking soda.
  • Avoid sun and heat after application of the tingle tanning lotion.

How to get better results?

You have to follow two steps to get best tanning results.

  1. First is the fine application – single layer with best applicator.
  2. Second is the repeating rate – if you want to have long lasting effect – repeat the application after every week.

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