You Can Kick-start Your Sewing Career Now, Find Out How

Brother claims that their SE400 Sewing & Embroidery model combines versatility, really? Well you can really find out the truth behind this phrasing in our thorough review. We’ve gone through all the aspects of this machine and surprisingly, it has scored a place in the best sewing machine for beginner list. We are going to judge all the important points of this machine and will give you a quick verdict in the end. Continue reading if you cannot contain yourself to know what we have to say regarding this crackerjack Brother model.

What Are The Product Facets Of SE400?

  • Embroidery Area 4×4”
  • Unique Stitches 67
  • Stitch Functions 98
  • 70 designs, 120 frame patterns and 5 lettering fonts in the library
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Compatibility with
  • Automated Thread Cutter
  • Automated Needle Cutter
  • Built-in Tutorials
  • 7-point Dog Feeds
  • 8 lbs.
  • Computer Connectivity with a USB
  • Quick-set drop-in Bobbin System

SE400 Sewing & Embroidery

What the Embroidery Machine Houses?

This model is certainly user-friendly especially for beginners as it both combines sewing and embroidery. When you will unpack the embroidery combo sewing machine, you’ll come upon a smooth cover, a hoop 4×4”, embroidery bobbin thread, embroidery arm and accessory bag with lots of cleaning equipment and other starter tools. You will also get an accessory set that includes:

  • Overcasting
  • Buttonhole
  • Button fitting
  • Zipper
  • Blind stitch
  • Embroidery
  • Monogramming

What Users Have To Say About SE400?

The punters love everything about this machine, in better words; they admire the entire package they get in such a reasonable price. This best sewing machine for beginners is efficient, solidly built and is easy to carry. If you have little experience in sewing or none at all, this will suit you just fine. The notable thing is that you can rotate and modify the designs on the LCD screen, which is an exceptional element.

  1. This is a worth-for-your-dosh product that is astonishingly reasonable for the many highlights it delivers.
  2. The built-in embroidery aspect of the Brother SE400 embroidery and sewing machine offers 70 of striking floral, kids’, animal and holiday designs.
  3. There can be no relaxed bobbin system to coil threads with than the SE400 one.
  4. The instruction assistance is tremendously cooperative to first-timers in the perplexing realm of embroidery and sewing because it demonstrates how to practice the works exhibited on the LCD.
  5. You don’t require glasses to cord needles any longer, since the inclusion of this automated function in the Brother sewing machine.

What the Clients Disliked About The SE400?

The hoop size is small which limits one to carry out large sewing/embroidering projects. Also, connecting the machine with a MAC can be problematic and you may need more advanced software for that. Few clients disliked the fact that the needles are low-quality and susceptible to breaking.

What Is Our Conclusion?

As you can see, this best sewing machine for beginners is also prone to many slight faults but nonetheless, the machine is superbly workable. You should do your research before you think of putting your dosh in this but according to our assessment, this product is worth a shot.

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