Singer Always Snares A Good Dose Of Respect, Find Out Why?

Singer is a very well-known company and has been around the town since the era of our young grandpas and grandmas, well, that’s what we think but surely the date of its invention is 1851 and our opinion does not delude your mind. Singer was the first company who brought about resourcefulness in embroidery machines and from the production of their first zigzag machine to their first computerized one; they have been creating masterpieces since then to cater to all the specific needs of the sewing fanatics. You may have not noticed your grandmas expending the Singer machines but if you are inspired to get into this field, let me tell you that the Brand Singer is an illustrious bloke in the block.



This machine has a similarity with the Brother’s SE400, but this one comes with a far extensive embroidery area. If you are going to do large projects and feel comfortable in spending $580, this machine can be yours. It is a combined sewing and embroidery device, almost multi-tasking for you at the same time and for this price, you aren’t going to find a better one. According to the XL400, you can make embroidery designs moving up to 12×20”. The spaciousness of this embroidery machine makes it slipshod for you to perform monogramming.

What Does The Product Features Include?

  • Embroidery Area 18.5×11”
  • Hoops 2
  • Computer Connectivity With A USB Cable
  • 125 Embroidery Designs, 30 Sewing Stitches and 5 Monogramming Fonts in the Library
  • Drop & Sew Bobbin System
  • Swiftsmart Threading System
  • Multi-hooping Capability
  • Built-in Led Lights For Better Vision
  • Built-in Tutorials
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • 2 Automatic 1-step Buttonholes
  • 49.1 lbs.

Why Do People Fancy The XL400?

singer xl400Customers are impressed with the price of this product and what it offers, especially the large embroidery space, moreover setting this up is a breeze. The built-in lights make it easier for the people to work in darkly lit rooms or for better vision. Seamstresses were particularly in awe of the threading system and doted on the built-in presser feet that came for sewing projects. The machine functions without noise and its software has the ability to read various different file types.

What Are The Snags Of The XL400?

This machine is not suitable for beginners as you have to learn a lot in order to process this machine properly. Often clients’ nitpick about the wrong position of the spool stand. The built-in software is too artless to meet your embroidery needs and you may have to purchase an additional one. There is no inclusion of controlling the speed of the bobbin and there is no availability of an automated thread cutter. The hoops are prone to breaking. Also, many of the customers were not happy with the service of Singer and small issues like needle or thread breaking were too usual.

What Is Our Judgment?

From the reviews, it is apparent that this machine requires patience. There are many complications here and there but there are an ample amount of advantages as well that are hard to ignore. For this price tag, you simply cannot get a superior machine that syndicates both the tasks of sewing and embroidering.

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